Hello there! Here I am, Pedro Alberto Andrade to show you some of my work.



Creative Copywriter, Service Designer, Urban Activist. 


Hello! I am Pedro A. Andrade and I have worked as a Creative Copywriter in advertising agencies for some years. My work, however, goes far beyond my writing skills. It consists in solving problems through design and finding strong and relevant ways to establish connection between brands and people. Here you can see a sample of my work. Some of them were implemented, others are still as prototypes.

In addition to my background in Advertising, I have a specialization (Graduate Studies) in Creative Processes and a degree in Service Design from EISE - Escola de Inovação em Serviços (The School for Service Innovation). I also became a certified Sprint Master from the global community servicedesignsprints.com . It means that I can run a 4-day hackathon that brings together customers, employees, management and designers in a joint effort to improve a business service experience, and it can be applied in SMBs, start-ups and project teams with lean budgets.

I was also one of the 120 candidates selected from Massachusetts Institute of Technology among participants from 40 different countries to take part on the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, that happened in Rio de Janeiro and gave me a certification in New Ventures Leadership.

I am a great lover and enthusiast of topics such as Hacker Culture, Graffiti Culture, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Innovation and Design Thinking. As a result, I have written a dissertation on the intersection between Hackers and Graffiti Writers, studying the <G.M.L.> (Graffiti Markup Language). It has also led me to found a Street Art Collective that has done an intervention which has become known worldwide: the SkipAd stickers, and to co-found a Start-up that later failed. My latest adventure has been an MBA in Business Management at University of São Paulo - USP.


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Lápis Raro (MG)

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