Here are some projects from [G.A.A.T.] 



Skipad Project

"Unless it inspires, contributes or informs, marketing is pollution" Ajaz Ahmed

The Skipad Project turned the Youtube’s Skipad button into stickers and placed it on real ads on the streets around the world. An intervention to say that advertising should be relevant to our lives, otherwise we will "skip it". The stickers became a global topic and took over ads in the streets of São Paulo, Stockholm, New York, Chicago and other cities. 


The Politician Ashtray

To persuade people to stop throwing their cigarette butts on the ground, we developed The Politician Ashtray. We printed the faces and names of the politicians that were involved in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Brazilian history, and asked them to put out their cigarettes in the ashtray. The Politician Ashtray features the following message: "We need to clean up our country. From cigarette butts on the ground, to politicians in the Congress." 


Dead Graffiti

Dead Graffiti is a tumblr created to keep alive the memory of graffitis that have been erased. "They were alive. But someone erased them. Now they are dead. In memory of all Dead Graffiti around the world. Rest in Peace."


Piglitic - Napoleon 18

Piglitic was an intervention created during the Brazilian presidential election of 2014. The goal was to make people think about the candidates that they were voting for. Were they representing the peoples interests or their own? To materialize it, we launched a character from George Orwell’s book Animal Farm as a candidate: the pig Napoleon. A candidate that represents and defends the animals' interests.


After entering the website napoleao18.com, readers will be faced with a message reflecting about representation, interests, politics, and the Brazilian political system, the Representative Democracy.